Cuba: time of changes

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  1. Clare Nee says:

    Beautifully written piece, Cuba sounds so fascinating. This blog is brilliant Samanta, I’m excited to read more posts. The post about Milan was wonderful. I definitely plan on visiting that wonderful city sometime in the future! Hope you and Ariel are well, and are enjoying your travels 🙂 x

    1. Endondesea says:

      Thanks Clare! We are enjoying a lot our trip! Now we are in the Philippines 🙂 we’ll try to translate as much as we can to english to join our lovely friends from Ireland! Thanks for your kind words! I miss you!

  2. Clare says:

    That’s good to hear!:) I miss you too. Oliver will be joining you shortly won’t he? 🙂 Enjoy x

    1. Endondesea says:

      Yes Clare! He will be travelling to Cambodia in May 🙂 Big hug!

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